eterio 820 RA1

    eterio 820 RA1 server is a construction dedicated to HPC and Cloud environments  which need high density of computing power – that is, the largest number of efficient units in a limited space. It is designed for mounting in a RACK cabinet, its height is 2U – in this space there are 4 modules of dual-processor servers. Based on Intel Xeon Scalable processors  they offer wide choice of processors for a variety of applications and 16 slots for DDR4 memory modules for each computing module. There are three versions of enclosures – with different number of supported drives, and three types of modules – equipped with various  10GbE network interfaces – some of them support “Quick Assist” technology.

    Intel Xeon Scalable processors is a new family of products with diverse performance and functionality. Depending on the features they have been divided into classes: Bronze, Silver, Gold and Platinum. They differ in the number of cores, the base frequency, the presence or absence of Turbo mechanisms, the number of built-in units for floating point calculations (AVX-512 FMA units), the number of UPI connectors and even the max speed and capacity of supported RAM. They have built-in network interfaces (Ethernet) and support more PCIe lines than the previous generation. Among the multiple models, you can choose the one which perfectly suits your needs. The compact server structure has limits to the thermal power generated by the processor (TDP) – this should be taken into account when configuring the solution.

    Each server module supports DDR4 Registered DIMM ECC (RDIMM), and Load Reduced DIMM (LRDIMM) with operating frequencies depending on the type of processor used and the available bandwidth of the UPI link. The 2400 MHz and 2666 MHz modules are available. In total up to 1TB RAM in 16 RDIMM modules or 2TB in 3DS LRDIMM modules can be supported. RAM should work in 6-channel systems – this is the optimal mode for the highest performance.

    Depending on the choice of chassis, standard 3.5 “disks (12 pcs) or 2.5” disks (4 or 24 pcs) are supported. Chassis version for 24 2.5 “disks also supports NVMe SSD drives.  There is support for all types of drives: SATA, SAS or SSD – choose the right “bridge board” module to match used disks or required drives config. Each server module has its own disk pool – 3 x 3.5 “or 1 x 2.5” or 6 x 2.5 “( including possible 2x NVMe drives).

    2U RACK housing with a redundant 2130W (1 + 1) power supply. Supports up to 4 server modules, each dual-processor module.

    Three enclosure versions are available with the following number of disks: 12 x 3.5 “, 4 x 2.5”, 24 x 2.5 “(including 8 pcs. of hot-swap bays supporting also NVMe drives).

    Chassis RACK 2U. Model H2204

    Bays: 4 x 2,5″ (HDD SAS/SATA hot-swap)
    Power supply: 2130W (redundant, 1+1)

    RACK 2U. Model H2224

    Bays: 24 x 2,5″ (HDD SAS/SATA/NVMe hot-swap)
    Power supply: 2130W (redundant, 1+1)

    RACK 2U. Model H2312

    Bays: 12 x 3,5″ (HDD SAS/SATA hot-swap)
    Power supply: 2130W (redundant, 1+1)


    Intel® Xeon® Scalable (Skylake EP)

    Memory slots

    16 (for each compute module)

    Max CPU

    2 (for each compute module)


    Intel C621 / Intel C622 / Intel C628 (depending of the compute module choice)


    DDR4 Registered ECC, DDR4 3DS LRDIMM

    Max supported memory

    1 TB / 2TB (for each compute module)

    Available  RAM modules

    8 GB

    16 GB

    32 GB

    64 GB

    Memory protection

    Memory Mirroring

    Memory Sparing


    Integrated controllers Availability of integrated controllers depends on combination: compute module + bridge board
    Expansion slots 1 x PCIe 3.0 x16 (some modules offer dedicated slot for add-on adapters)
    I/O ports 1 x LAN (RJ45) – dedicated for management
    1 x port USB 2.0 type A (on-board)
    LAN ports – depending on module choice (10GbE RJ45 or 10GbE SFP+)

    Intel Node Manager

    IPMI 2.0

    Opcjonalna karta RMM4 Lite – wsparcie dla “Remote KVM” oraz “Media redirection”

    Supported OS

    Red Hat Enterprise Linux Server 7.x

    SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 12 (64-bit)

    Microsoft Windows Server 2012

    Microsoft Windows Server 2012 R2

    Microsoft Windows Server 2016

    Notice Remote management funcions “Remote KVM” and “Media Redirection” require additional RMM  hardware key
    Energy management


    Additional info
    Integrated VGA

    BMC integrated Aspeed AST2500

    Integrated LAN

    2 x 10 Gigabit Ethernet, RJ-45 or 2 x 10 Gigabit Ethernet SFP+ (depends on compute module)


    RACK 2U

    Certified OS Microsoft Windows Server 2016

    TPM 2.0 internal header (optional)