Storing, analyzing and processing data – today it is the base of almost every business
Who are we?

Our specialists have been providing IT solutions to the largest corporations, public institutions as well as individual clients for over 20 years. As the first in Poland, we started production of servers on a nationwide scale and delivered the first HPC solutions on our market.

What makes us different?

We listen, advise, help and … we tailor solutions to meet our Clients’ needs and budget possibilities. Your business goal sets the direction of our activity. Thanks to this, we can achieve the most important goal of our company – to provide you with efficient, reliable solutions that meet the highest standards.

Our mission

Our environment are new technologies… and the mission is quality, affordability, flexibility, professionalism in work with companies and public institutions. We advise and implement solutions to help you quickly develop and ensure the security of your companies and public institutions.

Why trust us?

Professional support

You will appreciate our commitment. With free analysis of needs, we will create an individual specification of requirements so that the configuration of the solution optimally meets the actual demand.

Data Works

Your data is safe and continuously working for you. Etherio solutions are reliable devices that provide optimal support for your business in optimal configurations. A large selection of components and the optimal configurations are what we offer.


We offer top-class solutions. However it is the flexibile approach with the response to the needs of your company and it’s IT processes what makes us able to provide you with the perfect product. Right sized.