INTEL is an undisputed leader in the production of processors, some of which are dedicated to the server market – these are Intel® Xeon® units. In past 50 years, Intel has become one of the largest companies in the IT sector. In addition to processors, it provides components such as chipsets, server boards and platforms, SSD drives, RAID/HBA controllers, network controllers and adapters (Ethernet, WiFi, Intel® Omnipath ™),  as well as innovative solutions based on 3D XPoint technology – Intel ® Optane ™. Intel is also a powerful player in the software area – providing such important tools as compilers and optimization tools for HPC, as well as software libraries in the field of artificial intelligence or machine learning.

We are proud to be Platinum Technology Partner of Intel.

SUPERMICRO is a provider of stable, innovative and efficient server solutions: platforms, motherboards, network elements, expansion cards. For over 25 years of its presence on the market, it offers the highest quality products, often being the promoter of technological innovations and introducing solutions not available from other manufacturers. Supermicro  focuses their products on energy efficiency and a wide portfolio of configurations that other suppliers are not able to compete with.

We are proud to be Intergation Partner of Supermicro.

AMD is not only a designer and manufacturer of very popular solutions for the PC market – Ryzen and Threadripper processors, but also a supplier of efficient processors for servers – the EPYC series. At the same time offers advanced graphic solutions, some of which are dedicated to professional applications in workstations or as GPU – graphics coprocessors. AMD is also a manufacturer of chipsets for its processors as well as processor and graphics solutions for notebooks, game consoles and embedded devices.

Kingston has been one of the largest independent memory and SSD manufacturers in the world for over 30 years. By combining one of the most comprehensive, rigorous testing processes in the memory industry with exceptional technical support services, Kingston is a model example of industry-standard quality and reliability. The offer includes both memory for new servers and for upgrade of older platforms and also SSD drives dedicated to server solutions.